DAT121 - DIT331 - Programming Paradigms

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1 Announcements

  • <2015-03-04 ons> The course is now over. The slides for the last lectures can be found here.
  • <2015-02-24 Tue> There is an exercise session tomorrow Feb 24th, 13:15, in EL-41 (as usual).
  • <2015-02-02 Mon> Due to CHARM, the exercise session of Thursday Feb 5th is CANCELED
  • <2015-01-28 Wed> As of today, Thursday's exercise sessions are starting at 9.00
  • <2015-01-27 tis> This week's exercises are available (here)
  • <2015-01-21 ons> There is NO EXERCISE SESSION on Thursday 22nd
  • The Course begins on Wednesday January 21st. Note that there is no lecture on the Monday of that week.

2 Course material and organisation

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